Health Fairs

Early detection of disease is the key to good health outcomes. The goal of House of Transplant & Cancer health fairs is to decrease the disease burden within our community by providing free and easy access to preventative health screenings and education.

We provide our services in the context of community health fairs and festivals, private company or organization health fairs, and other community events. 

Contact us with inquiries-we would be happy to join your next health fair event!



Fibroscan screenings enable us to visualize the liver and identify fatty liver and cirrhosis. A Fibroscan is similar to an ultrasound, and only takes 5 minutes. We offer this service on-site at health fairs. 


67% of individuals infected with hepatitis B, and 51% of those infected with hepatitis C do not know they have these conditions. These are silent, but serious diseases that left untreated can cause liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Screening is key to detection and treatment. 


Hepatitis B can be prevented by vaccination. We offer free vaccinations with the goal of preventing the development of serious liver diseases, such as liver cirrhosis and cancer. 


Educating the public about common liver diseases and common causes of liver diseases is the first step in preventing liver disease. Our goal is to educate the community, and thereby empower them to live healthier lives. 


40% of breast cancers are detected during self breast exams. As such, educating individuals on how to do a proper breast exam is very important, and is a service we offer at our health fairs. 

Grant Projects

House of Transplant & Cancer champions quality health care for all. We identify health care disparities in our communities, and provide targeted care to affected populations. We apply for grant funding to support our various community projects. Read about our projects below!

Prevent Cancer Foundation Grant

The mission of the Prevent Cancer Foundation is saving lives across all populations through cancer prevention and early detection. 

This year, the Foundation has rewarded $250,000 in grants for organizations that will develop or implement existing community projects/programs in cancer prevention and early detection. The goal of The Foundation, through their Community Grants, is to provide the resources needed to fund vital community-level activities in cancer preventions (including education, vaccination, and/or screening. 

For the 2022 Community Grant cycle, The Foundation funded projects focused on providing cancer prevention, education, outreach, and screening to the LGBTQ+ community. Our project, titled “Fatty Liver, Cirrhosis and Hepatitis Screening, Education and Vaccination for the LGBTQ+ Community of Riverside County, CA,” was selected as a finalist, and House of Transplant & Cancer was awarded $25,000 in grant funding from The Foundation to support our project!

Our project provides opportunities for the local LGBTQ+ community to receive free liver health education, fatty liver, cirrhosis and hepatitis screenings, as well as hepatitis vaccinations. 

The LGBTQ+ population experiences an increased risk for viral hepatitis B and C infection, which when left untreated, can progress into more severe liver diseases, including liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. As such, it is likely that the LGBTQ+ community is at a higher risk for the development of liver cancer and liver failure. 

Through this project, our goal is to offer free liver health education, preventative screenings, and linkage to care to stop the progression of liver disease, and as such, the development of liver cancer. 

We will offer our free services in the context of community outreach events throughout 2022 and 2023. 

LGBTQ+ Prevent Cancer Community Grant
Schedule of Events


4th- Riverside’s Inland Empire Pride Event 


28th-Night at the Menagerie

November- TBD

December- TBD

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